More ideas on how to be more active

  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier the days that you are planning mini workouts @ home. To save time do your routine either just before or after you shower.
  • Keep your exercise props close at hand and consider buying 3 and 5-pound free weight sets & resistance bands. Make sure to keep these fitness props close by, either in your clothes closet, so they are easy to access & reminding to keep active. See link for exercise ideas using small free weights, courtesy of Pinterest &

  • A great time to incorporate stretching and relaxation yoga moves is just before bedtime. Try to always begin with deeper breathing practices that help to clear your mind then incorporate a few yoga stretches. This should enable you to feel more relaxed & have a better nights’ sleep. see link courtesy of Pinterest & the

  • Make a commitment to do a personal check in with yourself: for example, if you have not been that active for 3 days in row, stop and make sure on that 4th day to go to the gym for at least 30 minutes of cardio or take a long power walk (whatever the weather is like, raincoat/hat/hiking boots) or take an exercise class.

You may find by incorporating these small changes & creating activity check-ins’ with yourself every 3 days will make you more accountable to live an active lifestyle. You will find you have increased energy, look better and maybe a little more balanced & less stressed.

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