Our goal is to inspire women to improve their personal well-being so that they always look and feel good.  How can this be done?  By becoming more aware of your habits and learning about small changes that can be made in daily life to improve personal well-being, which includes becoming more mindful of your thoughts, living in the present and appreciating what you have.

The best way to change habits is to create your own new personal practices.

The Practice of Gratitude:

During this season of Thanksgiving have you become more mindful or aware of what are you thankful for? Below are few ideas/thoughts of gratitude:

  • Family and close friends
  • Finding the desire & ability to make a few small changes in your lifestyle, for improved well-being:
    • Walking to the coffee shop or local store rather than driving,
    • Taking the stairs rather than the elevator,
    • Doing a few stretches and exercises every morning,
  • Supporting a local charity or cause that you are passionate about:
    • Running a food or clothing drive at our community center or place of work.
    • Donating your time to a local food bank, career resource center or boys/girls club.
    • Financial assistance to those charities or family/friends in need.
  • Your home, the surroundings, neighbors & environment.
  • Learning something new, accomplishing a goal of learning a new language or expanding your knowledge of a computer program.

By taking the time to remember what you are grateful for may enable you to live more in present,

Happy Thanksgiving!



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