As much as TouJours apparel provides solutions to a women’s daily wardrobe, we also strive to share our inspirations and ways to develop good habits of mindfulness. We believe that these ideas can help us to become less stressed, more focused on achieving our goals and act as reminders of how to live in the present.

We encourage every woman to schedule a few moments throughout the day to pause, breathe & refocus. Consider at the beginning, middle and end of each day to take a few minutes to practice settling your mind, close your eyes, take deeper breaths and visualize being in a place that makes you feel more calm and relaxed.  Once you are in that mindful place ask yourself am I living in the moment and taking action to achieve my goals while also appreciating what I currently have?

Be mindful of what you are doing with your time, especially in the morning. Are you focusing too much time on your business, personal emails and social posts, this could be derailing your focus on beginning new projects/assignments.

We suggest rather than starting your day looking at emails or social media sites consider reviewing your planner.  If you do not have one then we recommend the leaders in heals planner – see the link.

Early morning is a great time to check in and review what your day-week looks like and remind you of your goals and tasks that need to be accomplished. Next, consider reviewing the key websites/magazines/blogs that capture the current events/topic that relate to your work/area of interest that will either expand your knowledge or help get you closer to achieving your goal. A word of caution, try not to get sidetracked, by clicking on social media or celebrity gossip blogs &/or sites that promote unachievable goals, “how to look 20 years younger” – the world wide web can be a time suck rabbit hole!

Remember when you are trolling through emails to ask yourself is it necessary to respond to every email, will it help to accomplish my work or personal goals & objectives?  Finally, we welcome any tips ideas that you have found to help you stay focused at the start of each day.

How do you live more in the moment and be present during the day, do you have a routine or good habit that you find helpful – please post.

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